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Joseph - Holy Hoax - Holy Hoax

6 thoughts on “ Joseph - Holy Hoax - Holy Hoax

  1. Complete hoax, and in fact a well-documented hoax. A long time ago, people were easily fooled by simple things that today’s populace would consider silly parlor tricks and/or grade school science. And there's a bit of both in this religious circus act. First we have the use of phosphorous to make candles and lamps self-ignite.
  2. Sep 12,  · This hoax about an evangelical pastor in Brazil dispensing holy milk to female followers is still circulating, even after we debunked it years ago. Let's take a fresh look at this holy milk hoax.
  3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Jerusalem's Temple Mount: The Hoax of the Millennium! by Mike M. Joseph (, Paperback) .
  4. Mount Holy Hoax We all are climbing a mountain, from our birth until we go. And we all are climbing others, gone before us fast or slow. Which path we take differs, we all wander in our own way. But those on easy straight and narrow, still eventually, have to pay. For there is no top to that mountain.
  5. Feb 22,  · False bishop Donald Sanborn & Most Holy Trinity Seminary hoax. The claims of the “Sanborn lineages” are all lies to excommunicate you for participation in non-Catholic “worship” Lefebvre (excommunicated) > Donald Sanborn (“made” a .
  6. Prester John and his kingdom were a hoax. In the 12th century, Christian Europe was under constant threat of Muslim encroachment, and they needed hope. The letter was intended to provide this. Whoever wrote the letter was well-versed in ancient lore, specifically that of .

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